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Learning Through Doing: Grammar

The Wrong Way to Teach Grammar Boston Public Library/Wikimedia Commons This recent piece in The Atlantic makes a compelling case for interest-based learning. Instead of forcing students to master a set of mundane grammatical rules before getting to the "fun" part of writing about things they are interested in, we should throw them [...]

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Learning to Perform in the World

This is an extremely thought-provoking blog entry from Grant Wiggins (one of the authors of Understanding By Design) that questions much of the conventional wisdom underlying curriculum design in schools.  I particularly appreciated the following questions: If curriculum is a tour through what is known, how is knowledge ever advanced? If learning requires a didactic [...]

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What do we actually NEED from education?

Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education  by: Chris Sturgis Pretty decent paper on traditional grading systems vs. competency grading. It quotes The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined by Salman Khan quite a bit. My critique is this focus on gaps in knowledge. People seem to be so concerned with gaps in knowledge. Here [...]

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