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…that school can be fundamentally different. We believe that it’s possible to create an experience for young people that is more than merely preparing them for college and their careers. We believe that it’s possible to start with the idea of passion and create a model that helps people identify theirs. Passion is our impetus. Agency is our goal.

…that the learner can and should be a designer of their own learning.

…that the learning and growth of the adults is just as important as the learning of children.


We are currently looking for people that share our passion and beliefs about what is possible. To do this work, we are rethinking traditional roles and responsibilities.

We are looking for educators who can provide the support and structure for learners to develop the skills and mindsets necessary to design their own learning. These individuals will facilitate interdisciplinary, project based learning, serve as advisors for a group of learners, and form partnerships to engage learners in real-world learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom.

As we learn more about our model through data gathering and design iteration, we are able to further articulate the core competencies needed by our educators. View our shared, working document that outlines our Teacher Competencies.

Available Positions


Data and Systems Analyst

Building 21 is seeking an entrepreneurial and passionate individual to support the iteration and improvement of our network of schools by turning data into actionable insights and by supporting the development and implementation of our proprietary learning management systems. We are seeking someone who truly believes in the potential of every young person and is committed to realizing a more equitable school model for all students.

Detailed Job Description

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Allentown School District

Teachers for 2018-19

Job Description

  • Please include a copy of your resume and cover letter.
  • Certifications: English, ELL/English, Math, Chemistry or Physics, Spanish, Business (Entrepreneurship), Technology/Computer Science, Communications, Special Ed, Special Ed/Math, Social Studies, ELL Specialist
  • Candidates with dual certifications in the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply: Communications, Music, Art, Technology, Special Education, ELL, Reading, Business, and World Language(s)
  • You may not be contacted until Winter 2018.
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School District of Philadelphia

Teachers for 2018-19

  • Please include a copy of your resume and cover letter.
  • Certifications: Reading Specialist/English, Special Education/English, Special Education/Math, ELL/English, Health/PE, English, Math, Biology, Physics, English/Social Studies, Social Studies, Music, Computer Science, and Art
  • You may not be contacted until Winter 2018.

Multiple certifications of any combinations above are also welcome. If you have any of the above certifications but also have the following industry experience, nonacademic skills, hobbies, or certifications please let us know:

  • Engineering background
  • Technology Certification
  • Programming/Coding
  • Dance or Theater
  • Wood/Metal Working
  • Ceramics/Pottery/Sculpting
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