On February 6th, Building 21 students’ proposal for a Student Advisory Lunch Board (S.L.A.B.) took first place in the high school division of Design Thinking Philadelphia’s Compete 360.

Nine students worked in two teams, alongside their mentor teacher, Kathleen Walsh, to learn and use all aspects of the design thinking process to address a problem in their community. Beginning in September, they often spent their lunches and time before and after school researching, creating their proposal, and preparing to present to judges at the DT Philly Showcase.

One of the teams, “The Dreamchasers,” chose to address the lunch experience at school – improving options and variety. The goal was to create a proposal that ensures school lunch provides enough nutrition for growing teens and tastes great. Their solution, “the S.L.A.B,” is an advisory board made up of students, who work with the kitchen manager, school leaders, and student body to improve the lunch experience.  

At the Wells Fargo Center this past week, both teams presented to a panel of judges. “The Dreamchasers” won first place; they brought home a trophy and a $2,500 prize to help implement their project. With funds to put S.L.A.B. in place, they hope to plan and implement “lunch events,” such as “Cereal Day,”  “Condiments Day,” and other ideas based on student feedback and interest.

Congratulations to “The Dreamchasers”: Tyquion Brittingham, Zakiyah Bufford, Lissette Caballero, Tayon Cortez, and Isaiah Terry. And congratulations to B21’s second team, “The Goofy Goobers”: Sincere Fullerton, Keno Glover, Maya E. Hazard, and Beyonce Palmer.