We are proud to share our work and learning through our Open Resources.

This practice embodies our core value of transparency and supports a community of educators in their search for transformative resources and design inspiration. 

A few years ago, we created a space on our website to share our Learning What Matters competency sets and several guides and templates for teachers and students. We hoped that these initial guides might help others on their own school redesign journey. This past year, we focused on adding to our open resources and sharing more and more of our work and learning. From student and teacher competencies to professional development modules, activity templates to sample data dashboards, educators can access our resources to support and inform their process.

We have been pleasantly surprised that people from around the world have found our resources and have downloaded them. It’s not uncommon to receive a message from an educator in India or a school leader in South Korea asking to learn more about our learning model. The impact of our resources on the field of CBE, specifically that of our student competencies, is more far reaching than we anticipated and very exciting!

With this new awareness of our impact, we have increased our focus on our open resources.

Additionally, we know that now more than ever educators and schools are searching for resources to help with their transition to distance learning. Over the past few weeks, we have reorganized our open resources page and we have posted dozens of new resources – here are a few of our recent additions.

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Teacher Competencies

In order for innovation and change to be successful, we must first start with ourselves—the adults who are leading the change. We are excited to share our first version of our competencies for teachers!

These new teacher competencies are designed to articulate the skills and mindsets necessary for our teachers to succeed in an innovative school where relationships are the foundation and designing competency-based, personalized, engaging, and impactful learning experiences for students is the context through which we can prepare our students for success in the world we live in today. If you are interested in this work, you can view our teacher competencies and request a copy.

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Getting Started with CBE

After 6 years of helping schools and districts transition to competency-based education, we have learned several lessons and best practices. If you are new to CBE or just started planning for a pilot, check out our Getting Started with CBE page where you can view our 3-part recorded webinar and access other resources.

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View resources here

Remote Instruction Resources

We acknowledge the educational transformation necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the essential work that educators across the country are doing to support their students.

As many schools, districts, and institutions develop remote learning plans and deliver instruction online, we have added additional resources to support this transition. If you are looking for curriculum, performance task guides, or activities related to COVID-19, please check out our shared document posted in Open Resources. If we can help your organization in any way, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of our website.

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We invite you to keep checking back, as we will continue to add new resources as they are created. If you have ideas or feedback, our Open Resources Survey allows users to tell us what is most impactful and what needs improvement – please weigh in! We look forward to hearing from schools near and far.