“[Students] need to understand how to come up against problems in society. They need to be able to think. They need to be able to challenge. They need to be able to collaborate. They need to feel empowered enough to have a voice and to use that voice to make change. And I think what’s happening right now is a prime example of how important those skills are.”

Ayris Sanders, Principal, Building 21 Philadelphia

In Episode 3 of the podcast The Need and Opportunity for a Revolution in Education, hosted by Dr. Chris Unger, Teaching Professor at Northeastern University, Principal Ayris Sanders and Co-Founder Laura Shubilla tackle important questions about learning, including “what’s important to learn?” and “to what end?

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“To what end is different for every person…we have a set of competencies that we believe are important for all human beings to be able to master to make an impact in the world. How one defines impact, I think, depends on that individual person and what they want to accomplish. I don’t know that there is one end. But I do believe that helping young people to build a strong sense of identity, to be critical thinking and feeling human beings, who feel a connection to self, others, and the world around them, gives them a strong foundation to make an impact in whatever way they choose. And I think the absence of those skills limits people’s futures because it limits your trajectory of what you are able to do, if you don’t have this set of deeper learning and deeper skills.”

Laura Shubilla, Co-Founder, Building 21