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We are proud to announce members of the Building 21 Network team are presenting at The Aurora Institute Annual Symposium, the premiere event for learning about cutting-edge promising practices, the latest policy developments and research, and future-focused trends in teaching and learning. This year’s virtual event is designed to build the capacity of the field to implement equitable, whole-child, personalized, competency-based systems. 

On Monday, 10/24 from 2:30 – 3:30pm ET, join Thomas Gaffey, Senior Vice President of Technology, and Sandra Moumoutjis, Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, as they facilitate Measuring Progress and Growth in a Competency-Based Model. This session is designed for K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, or anyone else interested in how to decouple learning from time and track progress and growth across learning experiences. Traditional reporting requirements for many schools and districts create barriers to this work. In our personalized CBE model, we can create multiple pathways to credit by individualizing performance levels and growth targets for all students. In this interactive knowledge-building session, participants will learn about Building 21’s unique approach to this problem within and outside traditional systems. Participants will learn how to rethink tracking and communicating progress and growth in CBE models. 

On Tuesday 10/25 from 3pm – 4:30pm ET, join Thomas Gaffey, Senior Vice President of Technology,  Sandra Moumoutjis, Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, and Ayris Sanders, Director of Lab Schools as they facilitate Building 21’s Studio Model: Designing Learning Experiences for Engagement and Impact. This session is designed for K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, or anyone interested in learning about how Building 21’s instructional model brings together competency-based education and problem/project-based learning. Building 21 Studios are designed around the belief that all students should experience engaging and relevant problem/project-based learning, and that unfinished learning can be addressed through personalized support, instruction, and feedback within the studio. Spend time exploring the studio model and the Building 21 Competency Framework and leave with essential resources to start designing studios in your school or district. This will be an interactive session where participants will choose a breakout room to further explore the topic of their choice with one of our facilitators. Breakout room topics are: Get Started Planning Your Studio; Unpack Studio Design for Personalized Learning; How To Implement Competency-based Studios.

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