Graduation highlights

A look at our Building 21 Graduations "Now, today is not just a graduation ceremony - today is a tribute. Some of you may be wondering what the difference is. A graduation is a ceremony that awards diplomas or degrees, but a tribute on the other hand, is [...]

Design + Mentorship: A unique partnership with Olympus

A committed partner + a talented teacher and studio designer + students passionate about STEM: these ingredients come together in Building 21 Allentown’s newest studio—Engineering Design. This spring, Building 21 Allentown and Olympus Corporation of the Americas (Center Valley) partnered to launch a new engineering and design studio centered on sustainable design, STEM career exposure, [...]

New voters use their voice to impact their world

“You can register students to vote but what's going to get them out of bed to actually vote? You can register but if you don’t know why you’re voting, there’s no meaning behind it. … Let’s give them a reason to vote... and a way to support why they’re voting the way they want [...]

Reimagining partnerships in Allentown

Transitioning partnership programs from in-person to virtual has been like entering the three-lane highway from the country road. This is the analogy that Kristyn Senneca, Building 21 Allentown’s Partnership Coordinator, uses when talking about her work over the last year. “We were taking the scenic route, looking out the window as we traveled. We [...]

Taking college & career planning virtual

“I want kids to know I'm here to help and that their education doesn’t stop at high school. You’ve got to keep going.” Kendall McArthur shared this with me after a long day of Senior Seminar Zoom sessions. Ms. McArthur is one of Building 21’s school counselors and she has been a school [...]

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New Student-Facing Continua Blocks

Toni Fonseca, ELA Teacher at Central Academy in the West Ada School District, took on a project to create a student-facing version of the ELA competencies and continua for her students: "In an attempt to better understand the competencies myself, I undertook the endeavor of tearing them apart and then putting them back together. [...]

Studio Impact: Civic Participation & the Right to Vote

This is how we can change the world by voting for who we want to be president and not only for president for other things as well. Our voice is strong enough that if we want it to be heard, we can be heard. [Shannon Salter] gave us confidence. She wanted us to learn [...]

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