Taking college & career planning virtual

“I want kids to know I'm here to help and that their education doesn’t stop at high school. You’ve got to keep going.” Kendall McArthur shared this with me after a long day of Senior Seminar Zoom sessions. Ms. McArthur is one of Building 21’s school counselors and she has been a school [...]

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Empowered and Engaged: Reflections on Teaching in this Moment

“We have a clear mandate that our end of high school learning goal for our students is to create empowered and engaged citizens. Every piece of our model, every skill in every competency we teach culminates in how does learning lead to empowerment and engagement outside of the classroom in all of the communities [...]

Studio Impact: Civic Participation & the Right to Vote

This is how we can change the world by voting for who we want to be president and not only for president for other things as well. Our voice is strong enough that if we want it to be heard, we can be heard. [Shannon Salter] gave us confidence. She wanted us to learn [...]

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Seeing our resources in new ways for learning at home

It is not news that this past spring stay-at-home orders around the country created a spectacular collision between the demands of remote work for parents and at-home learning for our kids. Our Building 21 team was not spared. While our Network directly supports educators with resources for student learning and growth, COVID-19 positioned us [...]

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What is important to learn?

“[Students] need to understand how to come up against problems in society. They need to be able to think. They need to be able to challenge. They need to be able to collaborate. They need to feel empowered enough to have a voice and to use that voice to make change. And I think [...]

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Reimaging School

Reimaging school. As easy as riding a bike, right? We think it’s more like setting aside what you know about riding a bike and learning how to ride in a completely different way. Which has been done before. Check out Destin from Smarter Every Day and The Backwards Brain Bicycle. [...]

Reflections on the Summer Design Institute

In July, we hosted 90 partners and colleagues for the Summer Design Institute, three days of learning, designing, and growing as professionals and adult learners within the Building 21 Network. We welcomed teachers and administrators from across the country, as well as many partners and supporters from across the region and beyond. This year’s [...]

I miss teaching

Over the past few weeks, both of our lab schools held their celebrations of learning called Mid-year Exhibitions. Celebrations of learning (COL’s) are extremely important experiences for our schools and our students because they give us a chance to pause and spend some time reflecting on our accomplishments and celebrating our students’ learning. For [...]

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GUEST POST: Building a Movement

As 2018 comes to a close, we share this reflection written by Donell McNeal, Principal of Central Academy. Central Academy is one of our affiliate schools located in the West Ada School District (Meridian, Idaho). “To create a learner driven environment, we must move from compliance to autonomy. Each member of the [...]

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