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This excerpt is from the fourth post in a series on CBL written by Sandra Moumoutjis, Building 21’s Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, for The Aurora Institute.

How do we need our leaders to change, and what skills, mindsets, practices, and beliefs do our leaders need to have to support the community in changing outcomes for students?

There are many qualities that all leaders need to be effective. But there are specific qualities that we are looking for in leaders of an innovative change process, in this case, a journey to personalized and competency-based learning. Leading innovation requires passion, commitment, courage, and the ability to inspire others. It also requires leaders to be comfortable with ambiguity and with not having all the answers. Leaders of innovation need to communicate openly and often, collaborate with all stakeholders, listen to feedback, and use data to make informed decisions, course correcting along the way.

Keep reading here on Aurora’s website to learn more about our approach to Leadership Competencies.

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