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What are performance task guides?

At Building 21, each 8-week studio culminates in a challenging, competency-based “Performance Task” through which students show evidence of their skills and knowledge in action. The following student-facing “performance task guides,” developed in collaboration with reDesign, are designed to build students conceptual understanding of, and capacities for, successfully completing college-readiness tasks.

How can these performance task guides be used?

Performance task guides are initially rolled out to students with high-touch teacher support. Teachers play a critical role in modeling the key processes embedded in the task. How do I choose a topic or frame an inquiry? How do gather evidence? How do I organize my research, or construct a solution to a complex problem? With modeling, metacognitive prompts, practice, and opportunities for feedback, students become increasingly able to take ownership of each step in the process of completing a rigorous performance task.


Use the filters below to search for student-facing Performance Task Guides by discipline. Note that Performance Task Guides are built in Google Slides.