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When we designed our school model in 2013, we knew that data would play an integral role in our schools. The problem we faced is a common problem for many other schools; school and student data is often stuck inside traditional proprietary systems that do not talk to each other. Sure, that data can be exported, but schools don’t often have the capacity to constantly run reports and analyze data each time they want to answer a question about student progress. Also, our data looks very different from traditional academic progress data, as it is the result of student progress in a personalized competency-based model. Our challenge was to create dashboards that made this unique data transparent, actionable, and user-friendly for students, families, teachers, and leaders.



Dashboards for Teachers

Description It's important for our teachers to be able to see data across different platforms and how it relates to student progress. Typically, data is locked into Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, assessment platforms, or Google forms. We specialize in creating dashboards that combine all of this data in one place. [...]


Slate Dashboards

WHAT IS SLATE? Slate is an open-source platform built and controlled by schools to define and track the skills that matter most to their students. Slate’s open-source approach ensures schools retain complete control over their software and data while sharing the systems and tools that support their innovative models. --slate.is Building 21's competency-based [...]


Personalized Learning Profile

Description The PLP is a suite a student dashboards that have three primary functions: Show real-time student progress and growth. Set goals and reflect on progress. Prototype experiences and post-secondary planning. These dashboards are integral to the Building 21 model. They help facilitate progress conversations with students, teachers, and families. The most [...]