Dashboards for Teachers


Description It's important for our teachers to be able to see data across different platforms and how it relates to student progress. Typically, data is locked into Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, assessment platforms, or Google forms. We specialize in creating dashboards that combine all of this data in one place. [...]

Illustrative Math Standards Assessment Tables


Description Some of our schools utilize the open Illustrative Math Curriculum. For the assessments in this curriculum, we utilize standards-based rating. For each unit assessment, we created what we call assessment tables. These tables outline each problem as well as the standards they assess. These tables are used in conjunction with the [...]

Student-facing ELA Continua Blocks


Description In these student-facing guides, students are able to access the ELA continua through color-coded blocks and student facing-language. This accessible design promotes student agency, self-reflection, and goal-setting. The continua blocks can be used not only to assess work, but also to break down larger skills into smaller, manageable pieces. [...]

Slate Dashboards


WHAT IS SLATE? Slate is an open-source platform built and controlled by schools to define and track the skills that matter most to their students. Slate’s open-source approach ensures schools retain complete control over their software and data while sharing the systems and tools that support their innovative models. --slate.is Building 21's competency-based [...]

Profile 2: Ideal Traditional Credit Conversion


How do portfolios translate to credits? Not all schools and districts can replace traditional credits with competency-based portfolios; There still needs to be a conversion. In this model, each portfolio and competency area converts to a traditional credit upon completion. Another way to think about this is that the portfolio replaces the traditional academic [...]

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