Project Description


The School Compass is a suite of dashboards that help our school leaders see a complete picture of student and adult learning and well-being. Our school leaders establish their strategic goals and these dashboards help them track their own progress throughout the year. Each school gets a default set of compass dashboards but they often request custom dashboards based on their needs. This has pushed us as an organization to create a dashboard system that allows us to design, publish, and iterate new dashboards very quickly. The compass includes the following dashboards:

  • SUMMARY – The summary dashboard shows all strategic goals and whether or not schools are on track for meeting these goals. It is the first place to look to get a “pulse” on the school performance.

  • ATTENDANCE – We ingest data from our schools SIS to display our own attendance dashboards.

  • SURVEYS – We survey our students, teachers, and families regularly to gain insight on hope, engagement, and well-being.

  • CORRELATIONS – We track over 20 indicators of student progress, achievement, and well-being. This dashboard allows us to establish strong relationships between this indicators and our long term metrics.

  • PBIS – An acronym for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, this dashboard tracks specific criteria over time to identify students that needs additional supports as well as students that should be celebrated for growth or achievement.

  • PROGRESS – We ingest data from our competency-based LMS and show high level progress by different cohorts of students.

  • ROADMAP – Each teacher is provided a competency roadmap to help guide them to provide instructions for and assess competencies throughout the year. This dashboard tracks teachers’ progress through their roadmap.

  • SCHOOL HEALTH – Through our Student Log, we track students’ positive and negative behavior through shout-outs and infractions. For each student, we calculate a ratio of shout-outs to infractions as one measure of well-being.

  • STUDENT LOG – Our Student Log allows school to track any type of interaction between the school and students or their families. This includes behavior, family contacts, advisory check-ins, and much more. We can use this data to facilitate conversations with students and families.

  • WALK-THROUGHS – In addition to formal observations, teachers can receive 10-15 minute walk-throughs from anyone. Observers complete a quick feedback form that immediately shows up for the teacher. This data is then aggregated in the compass to help inform future learning opportunities for teachers.

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