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It’s important for our teachers to be able to see data across different platforms and how it relates to student progress. Typically, data is locked into Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, assessment platforms, or Google forms. We specialize in creating dashboards that combine all of this data in one place. See our staff dashboards below:

  • ATTENDANCE – We ingest data from our schools SIS to display our own attendance dashboards.

  • BEHAVIOR – Combining behavior data from the Student Log and the SIS, we are able to see an overall picture of students’ positive and negative behavior.

  • MY ADVISORY – Our schools have an advisory model and advisors need to track their student’s data over time. This dashboard combines data from all of our systems and uses conditional formatting to let advisors know when their students need intervention.

  • PROGRESS LOOKUP – This is one of our most important dashboards because it shows student progress in their competencies. This is also where we show our traditional grade conversions.

  • STUDENT LOG LOOKUP – Our Student Log allows schools to track any type of interaction between the school and students or their families. This includes behavior, family contacts, advisory check-ins, and much more. We can use this data to facilitate conversations with students and families.

  • WALK-THROUGHS – In addition to formal observations, teachers can receive 10-15 minute walk-throughs from anyone. Observers complete a quick feedback form that immediately shows up for the teacher.

Looker Dashboards