Student-facing ELA Continua Blocks


Description In these student-facing guides, students are able to access the ELA continua through color-coded blocks and student facing-language. This accessible design promotes student agency, self-reflection, and goal-setting. The continua blocks can be used not only to assess work, but also to break down larger skills into smaller, manageable pieces. [...]

ELA Competencies and Continua


ELA.1 Reading Critically: I can read and critique diverse texts (e.g., books, films, advertising, music, social media, news websites). ELA.2 Expressing Ideas: I can clearly and effectively express my ideas (in written and oral form) for particular purposes and audiences, using diverse formats and settings to inform, persuade, and connect with [...]

Student Guide: Conducting Research


Description The tools in this guide will help you earn ratings for all the skills in the competency ELA.7 Conducting Research. Read through the skills and indicators on the continuum for ELA.7 Conducting Research so you understand how your teachers will rate this task. Author: Jessica Thacher [...]

Learning Activity Template: Cornell Notes


Description Note taking is an important skill for recording information—and your response to that information—for later review. When you take notes, you actively process information as you read, listen, or watch. You make meaning as you ask questions, jot down reactions, and summarize. Author: Created by reDesign LLC in partnership [...]

Learning Activity Template: I-Search Organizer


Description An I-Search is a way for you to begin the process of researching and writing about a topic that is of personal interest to you. As you complete this organizers, you’ll think about your questions and how you can find the information you need to answer them. Author: Created [...]

Learning Activity Guide: Assess Credibility of Sources


Description Today we have more information available to us than ever before. But, not all that information is created equal. Before you put your academic reputation on the line, it important to consider the credibility--the trustworthiness and believability--of the information you find. With the CRAAP Test you’ll be able to identify reliable [...]

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