TC.4 Designing for Engagement and Impact

Workshop: Intro to CBE


Description This workshop is great for folks new to CBE but it’s also valuable for experienced CBE practitioners that want to learn more about our approach. A common question we get from beginners is, “but what does it look like?” One of the ways to begin to answer this question is to [...]

The Building Blocks of a Competency-Based Model


Description There are more schools, resources, and experts in the field of CBE than ever before. As veteran CBE designers, we invite you to consider how transitioning to CBE is about more than just changing your grading system. It is about laying the groundwork for changes necessary to make school more equitable for [...]

Design Template: Studio Map


Description Before teachers build their entire studio guide, it's important for them to get peer feedback. The studio map is designed to be completed in a workshop setting. Once a teacher's initial thoughts are in the template, they would present to their peers and get feedback. Authors: Sandra Moumoutjis and Thomas [...]