Slate Dashboards


WHAT IS SLATE? Slate is an open-source platform built and controlled by schools to define and track the skills that matter most to their students. Slate’s open-source approach ensures schools retain complete control over their software and data while sharing the systems and tools that support their innovative models. Building 21's competency-based [...]

Profile 2: Ideal Traditional Credit Conversion


How do portfolios translate to credits? Not all schools and districts can replace traditional credits with competency-based portfolios; There still needs to be a conversion. In this model, each portfolio and competency area converts to a traditional credit upon completion. Another way to think about this is that the portfolio replaces the traditional academic [...]

Profile 1: Ideal Implementation


How do portfolios translate to credits? In this implementation, we would not translate to traditional credits. Each competency would be its own “mastery credit”. For example, if there are 30 graduation competencies in the portfolio model, there would be a possibility of 30 mastery credits. There are two different levels of mastery credits: [...]

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