ELA Competencies and Continua


ELA.1 Reading Critically: I can read and critique diverse texts (e.g., books, films, advertising, music, social media, news websites). ELA.2 Expressing Ideas: I can clearly and effectively express my ideas (in written and oral form) for particular purposes and audiences, using diverse formats and settings to inform, persuade, and connect with [...]

Student Guide: Argumentative Writing


Description The tools in this guide will help you to earn ratings for all of the skills in the competency ELA.3 Writing Arguments. Read through the skills and indicators on the continuum for ELA.3 Writing Arguments so you understand how you will be rated for this task. Author: Jessica Thatcher [...]

Student Guide: Argumentative Writing


Description This student-facing performance task guide describes the distinguishing characteristics of argumentative texts, provides examples and exemplars to analyze, and offers a step-by-step process that students can use to write their own argument. Author: Created by reDesign LLC in partnership with B-21 © 2017