Student Guide: Science Technical Writing


Description Technical writing is a form of communication used in many occupational fields. The role of technical writing is to share information in a professional setting. One common form of technical writing is instructional manuals. In science, technical writing is often in the form of a lab report. Author: Jim [...]

Studio Guide: It’s Alive! Well…Maybe


Description One thing that scientists do to make their work known is publish their work. By doing this, it lets other people know about the work that they are doing, and gives other people the opportunity to research further and complete their own work on the topic. In this studio you will [...]

Student Guide: Informational Writing


Description This student-facing performance task guide describes the distinguishing characteristics of informational texts, provides examples and exemplars to analyze, and illustrates various text structures used for different purposes. Finally, this task guide provides a step-by-step process that students can use to write their own informational text. Author: Created by reDesign LLC [...]

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