Science Competencies and Continua


SCI.1 Lead Scientific Investigations: I can plan and carry out a scientific investigation. SCI.2 Analyze and Interpret Data: I can analyze and interpret data to construct evidence-based explanations. SCI.3 Develop and Use Models: I can develop and use models to make predictions about phenomena, analyze systems, and communicate ideas. SCI.4 Technical Writing: I [...]

Studio Guide: It’s Alive! Well…Maybe


Description One thing that scientists do to make their work known is to publish their work. By doing this, it lets other people know about the work that they are doing, and gives other people the opportunity to research further and complete their own work on the topic. In this studio, you [...]

Student Guide: Writing a Science Lab Report


Description This student-facing performance task guide describes the process for writing a scientific lab report. It explains what a lab report is, offers exemplars to analyze, and provides a step-by-step guide. Author: Created by reDesign LLC in partnership with B-21 © 2017

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