Science Competencies and Continua


SCI.1 Lead Scientific Investigations: I can plan and carry out a scientific investigation. SCI.2 Analyze and Interpret Data: I can analyze and interpret data to construct evidence-based explanations. SCI.3 Develop and Use Models: I can develop and use models to make predictions about phenomena, analyze systems, and communicate ideas. SCI.4 Technical Writing: I [...]

Student Guide: Expressing Ideas


Description This guide will help prepare you to clearly and effectively express ideas—in written, oral, and other forms—for particular purposes and audiences, using diverse formats and settings to inform, persuade, and connect with others. It will also help you earn ratings for all the skills in the competency ELA.2 Expressing Ideas. Use [...]

Student Guide: Science Technical Writing


Description Technical writing is a form of communication used in many occupational fields. The role of technical writing is to share information in a professional setting. One common form of technical writing is instructional manuals. In science, students will practice technical writing in a lab report. Author: Jim Novak [...]

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