World Language Competencies


WL.1 Communication: I can communicate effectively in more than one language in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes. WL.2 Cultures: I can interact with cultural competence and understanding. WL.3 Comparisons: I can develop insight into the nature language and culture in order to interact with cultural competence. [...]

Visual Art Competencies and Continua


VA.1 Creating: I can conceive and develop new artistic ideas and work. VA.2 Presenting: I can interpret and share artistic work. VA.3 Evaluating: I can understand and evaluate how the arts convey meaning. Get Competencies and Continua Open Resources Aligned to Each Competency

Social Studies Competencies and Continua


SS.1 Analyzing Historical Events: I can apply historical literacy to demonstrate knowledge of major eras, enduring themes, turning points, and historic influences in the modern world. SS.2 Engaging as a Citizen: I can translate ideas, concerns, and findings into appropriate and responsible individual or collective action to improve conditions. SS.3 Understand Geographic [...]

Science Competencies and Continua


SCI.1 Lead Scientific Investigations: I can plan and carry out a scientific investigation. SCI.2 Analyze and Interpret Data: I can analyze and interpret data to construct evidence-based explanations. SCI.3 Develop and Use Models: I can develop and use models to make predictions about phenomena, analyze systems, and communicate ideas. SCI.4 Technical Writing: I [...]

Physical Education Competencies and Continua


PE.1 Analyze Physical Fitness Activities and Outcomes: I can demonstrate and apply fitness concepts. PE.2 Demonstrate Personal and Social Skills: I can demonstrate and explain responsible personal behavior and responsible social behavior in physical activity settings. PE.3 Advance Health and Movement Performance: I can demonstrate the fundamental and specialized motor skills and apply [...]

Personal Development Self-Reflection Competencies and Continua


PD.1 Effective Effort: I can demonstrate a growth mindset in my approach to challenges, learning, and new opportunities. PD.2 Decision-making: I can demonstrate effective decision-making skills to help me achieve my academic and personal goals. PD.3 Social Skills and Awareness: I can demonstrate the ability to show empathy, communicate well with others, [...]