The pandemic has changed education forever. We can’t go back.

So what’s the way forward?

We designed this series to answer the challenges we faced due to COVID and embrace the opportunities and possibilities for how school can be fundamentally different.

How do we ensure our lessons learned become part of our new normal?

  • Focus on SEL and relationships
  • Transition to competency-based education
  • Address learning loss, unfinished learning, and accelerated learning
  • Increase engagement and communications
  • Create flexible schedules
  • Design authentic learning experiences
  • Track student growth and progress


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What are some examples of a Problem of Practice?

CBE Platform

I am looking for the right platform to organize learning and track competencies. How do I choose the right one?

Let’s evaluate your model and find the right platform for you.

Unfinished Learning

I am struggling with unfinished learning in my school. Where do I start?

Let’s create a process for identifying the skills students need and a system for tracking their progress.

Portrait of a Graduate

We want to design our Portrait of a Graduate. How do we develop a process that involves all stakeholders?

Let’s create a Portrait of a Graduate.

PoG to Competency Alignement

We have created a portrait of a graduate. How do we ensure that all of our students are ready to graduate?

Let’s identify the right competencies to measure your Portrait of a Graduate.

Implementing CBE

We want to use competencies to track student progress and growth. How should we organize teaching and learning?

Let’s work to create a competency to course alignment or a competency roadmap.

Progression-based Rubrics

I am trying to consistently assess student learning using competencies. How do I approach this?

Let’s create learning progressions for each competency.

Performance-based Assessment

We are trying to make learning more relevant and engaging. How do we transition to performance-based assessments or project-based learning?

Let’s develop design guides for your performance-based assessments or project-based experiences.

Rethinking the Master Schedule

We are trying to redesign our master schedule. How do we think about hybrid models or unfinished learning?

Let’s identify a schedule model that unlocks flexibility and maximizes resources.