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This excerpt is from the sixth post in a series on CBL written by Sandra Moumoutjis, Building 21’s Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, for The Aurora Institute.

If you have been following my blog series, you probably know that I am going to start by asking one very important question: “Why?” Why are we still bound by outdated age-based, grade-based, time-based, course-based, and content-driven structures created over a century ago in the factory school model design? Why do we insist on failing students? Why is learning bound by time? Why does a student need to take eight different subjects for 45 minutes every day? With all the changes that have occurred in the last one hundred years, why are we unable or unwilling to break free of the constraints of these traditional structures?

The question we must really ask ourselves is, what do we believe the true purpose of school is?

Keep reading here on Aurora’s website to learn more about our approach to Leadership Competencies.

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