Our teachers knew what would be required and made sure we were ready. They stressed public speaking and presentations, time management, and constantly learning outside the curriculum – always taking advantage of what the school was offering both inside and outside the classrooms.

Angel Lebron, Philadelphia Class of 2018

That would have to be my 12th grade internship at McKinley Elementary.  I was exposed to every adult role in the building, from the principal to the counselors, teachers, cafeteria staff.  I knew I was interested in education, but this really solidified what I want to do with my life. I am going to be an elementary school teacher, and I intend on going back to the Allentown School District to work!  I spent 12 years at ASD…I know what it’s like to be a “city girl”, and I know what supports kids need to live their dreams.

Yanalit Maldonado, Allentown Class of 2019

Building 21 always tells students to be aware of their own voice and power, and encourages us to take action to solve problems.

Hope Williams, Philadelphia Class of 2019

[Building 21] gave us a chance to discover what kinds of careers we’re passionate about, and how to prepare for them. Learning about different careers helped me decide what I wanted to do in college. “In my senior year, I explored resources on medical careers. Then, I visited Temple Hospital and made a connection with a neonatal nurse. I was able to interview her, understand what motivated her, and learn about the educational preparation nursing required. That helped me decide that I wanted to follow a similar path.

Melanie Almonte, Philadelphia Class of 2019

The Relationships!  The whole school is designed to help build relationships with staff and other students. I never really enjoyed school until I arrived at Building 21 – and it was all because of the relationships I built with my teachers and my classmates.

Leocadia Nzigirabarya, Allentown Class of 2019

I never felt like I could speak up for myself before, but, at Building 21, I became very vocal on many issues and the school staff encouraged me to use my voice. Soon I was in the administrators’ offices all the time advocating for how things could be better.

Tori Holt, Philadelphia Class of 2019

I discovered my true passion at Building 21. Coming into high school, I thought I wanted to be a teacher but then I had the chance to spend the summer working at PPL in their IT department.  And I just knew that it was for me. This experience launched me on my pathway to my future.

Nate Andino, Allentown Class of 2019