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This excerpt is from the final post in a series on CBL written by Sandra Moumoutjis, Building 21’s Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, for The Aurora Institute.

While attending a recent education conference focused on innovation, I could not help but notice a pattern across many presentations and discussions. Panelists and attendees were talking about different experiences students were having outside of the school day—in after-school programs, work and internship experiences, community service, place-based learning—and how they wished there was a way for students to receive “credit” for these experiences. Sentences that started with, “If only there was a way…” or, “No one has come up with a way yet…”

Well, I hope that my recent series of blog posts demonstrates clearly that THERE IS A WAY. Across eight blog posts, I have outlined the necessary shifts that I believe need to occur in mindsets, teaching and learning, structures, and systems in order to successfully transition to a more personalized and competency-based model. And yet, sitting in the audience at this conference, I could not help but wonder…how do we better communicate the power and the possibilities that competency-based education (CBE) holds for unbundling learning from the traditional structures of school and allowing all learning experiences both in and out of school to “count” for students?

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