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Building 21 is proud that our model is among the inaugural set of innovative designs included in The Models Exchange — a free, searchable library to drive innovation for schools.  Along with Transcend, we invite school communities to engage with this free library of innovative models that can be implemented locally.

Sandra Moumoutjis, Executive Director of the Building 21 Learning Innovation Network says, “We are so excited to be a part of this innovative and equity-focused community and look forward to working with schools and districts trying to reimagine school for all learners. “

This Exchange matters because despite innovation across nearly every sector of society, a one-size-fits-all approach has governed mainstream schooling in America for more than a century. Identifying and sharing learning models are key to spreading innovative approaches to learning. The Innovative Models Exchange is designed for communities inspired to innovate but who don’t want to reinvent the wheel—it helps them learn and borrow from amazing innovations created by communities across the country.

Visit The Innovative Models Exchange and begin your journey to innovation.

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