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Competency Tracking Platform

The heart of any competency-based model is a platform used to manage learning, rate competencies, and communicate progress. Slate is an open-source platform that helps schools track students’ progress and growth across all experiences both within and outside of school.

Our Unique Portfolio Model

Instead of grade levels, schools can track progress of individual competencies across all experiences through multiple portfolios. Watch the video to learn more.

Data Warehouse

We help unlock the power of your data. Too often, schools struggle with data that is spread across many systems that have no ability to talk to each other. Even if they could, creating meaningful visuals for staff, students, and families is difficult and expensive. Using what we learned from our Lab Schools, we can help schools and districts create powerful dashboards to support their CBE model.


Rapid prototyping and iteration. We know that there are a lot of unknowns in this work. We develop customized dashboards and can quickly iterate the design based on new learning.

Flexible data ingestion. Sometimes data exists in a district’s SIS but other times it might be stored in Google Sheets. We offer several options to schedule and ingest data from many different systems.

Custom conversions. We know and understand the barriers of trying to transition to CBE within traditional time-based systems. This often requires customized grade conversions to help schools report progress and growth in more traditional ways.

Large library of dashboards. You don’t have to start from scratch. Our Lab Schools and Learning Innovation Hubs have created dozens of insightful dashboards that are available to all schools that partner with us.

Personalized Learning Profile

The PLP is a suite of student dashboards that has three primary functions:

  • There are dashboards that show real-time student progress and growth.
  • Students can set goals and reflect on progress.
  • Advisors can help students plan their post-secondary pathway.

These dashboards are incredibly important to many schools in our network. While making data more transparent, the PLP is used by staff, students, and families to help understand progress and growth in a competency-based model. The most important dashboard in the PLP is My Progress. This dashboard essentially replaces the traditional report card with one that is competency-based. This dashboard is a high-level overview of student progress toward college and career readiness.

Click on the thumbnails to view live demos of PLP’s used in our schools.

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