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Resource Library

Welcome to the Building 21 resource library. With help from our incredible community of contributors, we’ve built a library of competency-based learning resources for educators around the world to shape the future of education.

Getting started with Competency-based Learning?

Start here! Competencies are essential skill sets for college and career readiness. Building 21 has created a comprehensive set of competencies and rubrics (called continua) that are free to download and use or adapt.

Creating curricular resources for everyday use.

Creating resources for a competency-based model can be time consuming. Typically, curricular resources need to be created from scratch or adapted so that they are aligned to the language of the competencies and continua. In our Resource Library, we offer units, guides, and templates that are specifically designed to be used with the Building 21 Competency Framework.

Curricula Resources for Competency

All of our curricular resources are aligned to the competencies and continua in the Building 21 Competency Framework. Our resources are organized by competency areas to help you locate the materials you need.

CBL Platforms & Data Dashboards

Student-centered platforms and dashboards will help you transition to competency-based learning. Our unique platform is designed to help you easily report and track progress aligned to the competencies. Explore our resources to see how we support schools through both our platform and data dashboards.

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