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Building 21’s Summer Institute Is Back!

Reserve your seat and join participants from across the country - East to West coast!

August 1-4, 2022

11:00 am - 4:00 pm ET


Studio Design Institute

The Learning Innovation Network is hosting a 4 day, virtual Studio Design Institute this August. Sign up before July 1st for our early bird pricing!

We welcome all K-12 educators/designers working in competency-based schools who want to design engaging and impactful problem/project-based learning experiences aligned to competencies.

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For more detailed information about our studio model, read this blog published on CompetencyWorks.

The benefits of attending!

Studio Design

Engage in a facilitated design and feedback process to produce a high quality, competency-aligned studio ready to implement when you go back to school.

Experienced Facilitation and Support

Receive personalized design support from experienced Building 21 studio designers and educators from across grade levels, content areas, and schools in our network.

Collaboration and Community

Meet and work with colleagues from across the country with ample opportunities for peer feedback and design support built into the process.

Access to Building 21 Resources

Utilize all of our open resources that support competency-based education and studio design. As part of our collaboration, everyone who participates in the Studio Design Institute will have access to each other’s studio designs.

General AttendeesEarly Bird Special

$ 450

Per personRegister before July 1 for the early bird special. After July 1, registration will be $500 per person.

Partner SchoolsEarly Bird Special

$ 400

Per personRegister before July 1 for the early bird special. After July 1, registration will be $450 per person.


How will the virtual format work?

Virtual sessions will take place on Zoom between 11:00 am – 4:00 pm ET each day. Additional design and feedback sessions from 9:30-10:50 am ET and 4:00-5:20 pm ET will be available by appointment.

What is a studio?

A studio is a learning experience that combines competency-based education with project/problem-based learning. Every studio starts with a problem frame and ends with a culminating performance-based assessment and an implementation. Studios vary in length, usually lasting between 6-12 weeks.

Studios consist of milestones and stepping stones that are independent but interrelated experiences that lead up to the culminating performance-based assessment. We believe the learning becomes even more meaningful if students are examining real world problems and relevant, interdisciplinary content with the opportunity to implement their learning for an authentic purpose or audience.

Do I have to be in a competency-based school to design studios?

The strength of the studio model lies in the backwards design process. We use our competencies as the starting point for this backwards design. This ensures that students have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning of the competencies through rigorous performance-based assessment while investigating and solving real world problems that are relevant to the learners. So having competencies is essential to the studio design process.

We are a standards-based school, can we design studios?

We align both competencies and standards in our studio design, but competencies are the driving force behind the design. If you are interested in trying out studio design, you can use competencies from the Building 21 Competency Framework as they are open to everyone!

We are just getting started with CBE and performance-based assessment. Will this studio design process be too much for me?

Many of the schools we work with are just starting on their CBE journey and are learning to design high-quality and engaging performance-based assessments aligned to competencies. We think it is important to support designers on this journey and will be supporting both smaller performance task design and full studio design.

I am not currently working in a school that partners with Building 21. Can I still attend your Studio Design Institute?

Yes, we welcome all K-12 educators/designers in competency-based schools to attend the Studio Design Institute. It is a great opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other throughout the 4 day design process.

I teach math and am not really able to design studios. Is this right for me?

The schools we work with take a hybrid approach to teaching math. They align performance-based assessments to our Math.1 Mathematical Modeling competency while also tracking standards/skills lists for math. Math teachers will have the opportunity to work with other math teachers during the 4 days to develop performance assessments aligned to the Math.1 (or similar) competency. Math can also be integrated into interdisciplinary studio designs.

Will we be able to collaborate in content areas or interdisciplinary teams?

Yes! Part of how we will facilitate our design sessions is to create design groups focusing on similar studios. So we could have interdisciplinary teams or content teams or a little of both! We will personalize the studio design groups to meet the needs of the designers.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we will get back to you to help you decide if our Studio Design Institute is right for you!

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