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Our Learning Innovation Network is constantly growing with new educators, thought leaders, schools, and districts.

3000+ Open Resource Users Globally

12 States

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Learning Innovation Hubs

Through a long term partnership with us, Learning Innovation Hubs have committed to a full transformation to CBE and personalized learning.

Kankakee School District, Kankakee, IL

Central Academy, Meridian, ID

Eagle Academy, Eagle ID

Meridian Academy, Meridian ID

Learning Innovation Sites

Learning Innovation Sites work with us to pilot one or more initiatives related to CBE as they start their journey towards personalized learning.

SAU9 School District, Conway, NH

New Liberty Innovation School, Salem, MA

PoP Participants

Problem of Practice Participants worked with us to tackle a specific problem related to CBE and personalized learning.

SORA Schools, Atlanta, GA

The STEAD School, Commerce City, CO

The Academy of Alameda, Alameda, CA

Ridgewood High School, Norridge, IL

Fulton High School, Fulton, IL

La Luz, Denver, CO

Confluence, Denver, CO

Denver Lab School, Denver CO

DNA Prep Academy, Chatsworth, CA

Using Our Competency Framework

Our commitment to sharing our competency framework for free has inspired several schools and districts on their journey to CBE. Here is who’s using our competency framework.

The Oxford Academy, Westbrook, CT

Wooster School, Danbury, CT

Capital Experience Lab, Washington DC


We could not have done this without the competency dashboard, portfolios, learning opportunities, and evidence pieces that we learned by working with Building 21.

James BuschinePrincipal

Building 21 has been a part of our redesign process from the beginning. The team at B21 has continually been a source of knowledge and guidance as we have worked through the innumerable strategic decisions necessary to implement the CBE [competency-based education] change....I would say it was simply their expertise and willingness to be available and guide our leaders and staff through the ‘thinking process’ that was most impactful to helping our school. The Building 21 team has been and continue to be invaluable for our schools.

Dr. Eian HarmPrincipal

B21 is my north star in creating competencies.

Lisa SimmsSchool Design Leader

[Our rubrics] are pulled from Building 21 continua by our project designers and the unit writers. They pulled all of the relevant skills from [Building 21’s] learning continua to assemble our rubrics. [The Building 21 Open Resources] provide inspiration and aspiration. . . . We are coming back and using the continua a lot. The rubrics that we’re building for assessments are all straight from B21.

Alison GillmeisterAcademic Lead, Capital Experience Lab, Washington DC

I went to my Head of School [and said] ‘look at what I just found [online]!’. . . The B21 materials made it click for me in a way nothing else had. . . . B21’s competencies are by far the best out there.

Christopher PannoneAssociate Head of School & Chief Advancement Officer, Wooster School, Danbury, CT

Building 21 has been a thought partner and a leader for us...while they work primarily with the high school, their impact can be felt all the way down to our preschool program.

Dr. Genevra A. WaltersSuperintendent, Kankakee School District

We adopted our academic competencies straight off the Building 21 website....What we had in mind is what you had.

Marti White & Zachary HaydenDean of Studies & Dean of Faculty The Oxford Academy, Westbrook, CT

The experience of working with Tom and Sandra was extremely beneficial for us. Their expertise in competency-based education is excellent. They are willing to honestly share their perspectives, experiences, and opinions. They are always looking to grow and learn, and consider the thoughts of others as well.

Kadie WilsonSAU9

We weren't just another school, or this wasn't some vague and theoretically disconnected project. You became part of my team, even if just for a little while. You stayed in touch and believed in our work.

Kevin DentonFounding Principal & Lead Learner, The STEAD School

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