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Our Learning Innovation Network

School needs to change. Competency-based education is the way forward, and we can help. Join our network!


You don’t need to do this work alone. We are here to help.

The Learning Innovation Network is designed to bring together and support a community of educators who work hard to transform teaching and learning through a competency-based approach.

Why choose us?

Our experienced coaches provide personalized consulting to support you wherever you are in your CBE journey.

Building 21’s coaches are former educators who spearheaded the design and implementation of our Competency Framework used in our lab schools.

We have done this work before. Our lessons learned and personalized approach to coaching will help you to fundamentally change school to be more meaningful, equitable, and impactful for all students.

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Learning Innovation Network Membership Levels


Become a member of the Learning Innovation Network. Get free access to our library of open resources aligned to the Building 21 Competency Framework. As a member, you can also contribute resources to our growing library.

Problem of Practice Participants

Need help solving a problem on your CBE journey? Not sure how to get started with CBE? Our Problem of Practice coaching is personalized for you!

Learning Innovation Sites

Ready to pilot one or more of your CBE initiatives? Become a Learning Innovation Site to receive personalized coaching support throughout your pilot year.

Learning Innovation Hubs

Are you on the journey to full CBE transformation? We can guide you every step of the way! Our multi-year coaching partnership will help your school become a Learning Innovation Hub and will make you a leader in our network.

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