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This excerpt is from a CompentetcyWorks Blog written by Sandra Moumoutjis, Building 21’s Executive Director of the Learning Innovation Network, for The Aurora Institute.

School boards, policymakers, parents, and community members continue to grapple with the best way to measure our schools’ success. We need ways to accurately assess how our students and schools are performing over time. But none of the metrics currently in place accurately reflect an individual student’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets — their ability to persevere through setbacks and failures, their ability to solve problems and think critically, their ability to manage tasks and deadlines, and their ability to set goals and seek support and resources to achieve them…

How do we truly measure the impact of the education our schools are providing and whether or not we are successfully preparing students for life after high school?

This question is one that Building 21 is trying to answer. We have been studying the (correlation) data from our Building 21 Allentown competency-based education (CBE) high school…

Keep reading here on Aurora’s website to learn more about our preliminary findings.

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